Why 2017 is a Great Year To Travel Cheaper

2017 is shaping up to be a wallet friendly year to travel, thanks to a number of events.  Some of these are natural progressions in the travel marketplace, while others have come along recently due to market conditions and world events.  Here are some of the reasons you should start planning your next trip today. 

Strong U.S. Dollar


For American’s, 2017 provides one of the best bangs for your buck in recent memory.  There are always the standard bargain destinations like Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, but now even some traditionally expensive destinations have seen their currency falter as of late, opening the door for those trading with the U.S. Dollar.

xe.com The British Pound and Mexican Peso have lost value to the U.S. Dollar recently

Thanks to Brexit, the British pound has fallen off sharply. If the United Kingdom is on your dream list, now is the best time to book.  The Euro has continued to struggle against the dollar, making Europe more affordable as well.  The United States closest neighbors have also turned out to be great budget destinations.  The Canadian dollar has weakened against the U.S. Dollar and the Mexican Peso has plummeted, making Mexico incredibly affordable.  Other favorable exchange rates have opened up in South Africa, Columbia, Malaysia, and many more. 

Southwest is one of many airlines that have pushed airfare lower

Cheap Flights


A slew of budget airlines have flooded the market with cheap flights, forcing legacy carriers into a price war making it a win win for consumers.  Technology has never made it more simple to identify and book cheap fares, especially with sites like airefarewatchdog and theflightdeal out there doing much of the work for you.  Bargain hunters need to little more than sit back and be ready to pounce when the next great deal strikes.    


Credit Card Rewards


Thanks to credit card rewards, you may not even have pay for a flight (other than fees) or pay for that hotel room.  Reward programs have never been so plentiful or lucrative.  2016 saw the introduction of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and travelers snatched them up so fast they ran out of cards for a short time.  A 100,000 point sign up bonus along with a $300 per calendar year travel credit, generous reward accruals, and loads of other perks, the reserve card has become a new best friend for anyone who travels even a small amount.  That is only one of countless reward cards to choose from.  Simply stated for anyone who travels, not having at least one reward credit card is leaving money on the table.  Ideally you should have several.    


Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has brought more competition to several industries and has become a boon for travelers who can benefit from both ends.  Not only can they take advantage of discounted accommodations from places like Airbnb and transportation like Uber, they can participate in making money by listing their home while they travel and have a flexible job like driving for Uber and work when are where they want. 

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