Djurgården Is Stockholm’s Cultural Playground

Stockholm makes almost any list on most livable cities in the world.  The capital of Sweden combines great natural beauty, culture, architecture, and an easy going lifestyle to make a wonderful place to live or visit.  All of those aspects are on full display in Stockholms backyard know as Djurgarden.   

Djurgarden has enough things to see and do to occupy a full day of any travel itinerary. The relatively small island packs in 22 museums, an amusement park, and plenty of trails to walk, jog, or bike.    One of the best ways to visit is to stroll from museum to museum and enjoy some great scenery along the way.

The most popular museum in all of Scandinavia is the Vasa Museum.  The Vasa was designed to be the new gold standard of war ships.  On her maiden voyage however, she sank right outside Stockholm Harbor.  A gust of wind tragically highlighted a fatal flaw in the design.  After hundreds of years below the surface, the Vasa rose again and is now on display for all to see.


The Skansen opened in 1891, and is the oldest open air museum in the world.  As the industrial revelation took hold, there was a desire to keep alive the traditions of a time that was slipping away.  Buildings were brought in from all over the country to re-create the life of traditional Sweden.  The Skansen employs actors to bring the villages to life.  The Stockholm zoo is also on site with animals native to Scandinavia all on display.

In the same vein as the Skansen is the nearby Nordic museum.  The Nordic museum provides a history of Scandinavia with a large collection of artifacts on display.  Both the Skansen and Nordic museum were founded by Artur Hazelius. 

For a more modern look at Swedish history stop by the ABBA Museum.  Follow the rise of the popular Swedish pop band and of course load up on plenty of souvenirs.  Next door is the Gröna Lund Amusement park for the thrill junkies.  The park features some exciting roller coasters that aren’t for the faint of heart. For the child not quite ready for thrills, the nearby Junibacken is a popular interactive children’s museum.

Djurgarden makes for a a wonderful day out while in Stockholm.  It is one of those places that attracts toursits and locals alike.  It combines culture and beauty that perfectly sums up the wonders of this spectacular city and country. 



Getting to Djurgarden

Djurgarden is conveniently located in Stockholm’s Östermalm neighborhood.  The most scenic trip is by the Djurgarden ferries that transport you between the island and Slussen, which is next to Gamla Stan.  It is a  pleasant 10 minute walk  from the Karlaplan metro station.  Bus numbers 67,69, and 76 all make stops on the Island.     

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