How To Go Directly To Or From Macau Through Hong Kong Airport

Macau has a small airport that mostly serves mainland China and a few other locations in Asia.  Chances are your Macau travels will route you through Hong Kong.  There is an easy option for those who are either going straight to Macau from Hong Kong Airport or heading to Hong Kong Airport from Macau.  This allows you to skip Hong Kong immigration entirely while also avoiding having to traverse Hong Kong with your luggage.

The Hong Kong Airport (HKIA) has a separate terminal for ferry passengers called SkyPier.  Passengers board a ferry which takes them between Macau and Hong Kong Airport.  The ferry takes approximately one hour.

Who is Eligible to Use SkyPier?

This service is for transit passengers only.  This is not available for passengers originating in Hong Kong.  You would instead use ferry services in Hong Kong.

There are two ferry companies.  How do I choose?

TurboJet and CotaiJet both offer this service.  Which company you use depends on where you are going to or from on Macau.  TurboJet services the Outer Harbour Terminal and CotaiJet services Taipa.  Below is a listing of places nearest to each terminal so you can determine which company to use.

  • Outer Harbour (TubroJet)- Wynn, MGM Grand, Sands, Grand Lisboa, StarWorld, Ruins of St. Pauls, Senado Square and Portuguese colonial Macau.
  • Taipa Terminal (CotaiJet)- Wynn Palace, Venetian, City of Dreams, Galaxy, Studio City, and the rest of Cotai strip where all the newest casinos are located.

How Do I go from Hong Kong Airport to Macau?

After arriving at Hong Kong Airport proceed to transfer area E2 on level 5.  The airport is well marked.  Be sure to not clear immigration.  If you proceed past immigration you are no longer eligible to use SkyPier.  Legally you will not even be in Hong Kong when using SkyPier service to Macau.

Be sure not to purchase your ticket in advance as they are non refundable in case your flight is delayed.  Go to either the TurboJet or Cotai Jet counter and purchase your ferry ticket.  Schedules and cost can be found for both TurboJet and CotaiJet by clicking on their hyperlink. Produce baggage identification tag for baggage reclaim at Air/Sea Transfer Desk.

You may then proceed to SkyPier by taking the People Mover to the terminal.  Check in, board and enjoy your ride to Macau.  After arriving, disembark and go through Macau immigration.

How do I go from Macau to Hong Kong Airport?  

Check the schedule from either TurboJet or CotaiJet to Hong Kong Airport.  It is advisable to buy your tickets in advance to ensure you have a seat with limited sailings.  You will have to show proof of your airline ticket leaving Hong Kong Airport on the day of your sailing.  You must arrive at SkyPier terminal at least two hours prior to your scheduled flight departure.  You must also arrive at the ferry terminal at least 1 hour prior to the ferry departure to pass through customs and board.  With the sailing taking 1 hour, that means you will have to allow at least 4 hours.

Check in, clear immigration, board and disembark.  After arriving at SkyPier claim any luggage, check in to your flight, and then clear security.  Collect your departure tax (see below in tips for details), get on the people mover to your departure hall and go to your flight.

What if my flight comes in too late or my flight leaves too early? 

Unfortunately in this case you are unable to use SkyPier.  You will travel between Hong Kong and Macau and pass through Hong Kong customs along the way.  Ferries run between Hong Kong and and Macau 24 hours a day unlike between SkyPier and Macau.

Any other tips?

  • Many airlines allow you to check your luggage all the way to Macau or from Macau through SkyPier to your final destiantion.  Check with your airline.  There maybe an extra fee.
  • Many airlines offer online check in at the ferry terminal.  Note that as of this writing you still need to obtain a paper boarding pass at SkyPier to clear security.
  • There is a $120 HKD departure tax going from Macau to SkyPier.  However you can get it refunded as you are not technically departing Hong Kong.  After clearing security look for the desk.  Ask around if you can’t find it.  More than likely follow the crowd to the refund desk.  You will be given a slip of paper with the tax at the check in desk at Sky Pier.  The $120 refund is in cash.


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