Padova Is The Perfect Home Base For Exploring The Veneto

There are many factors to consider when choosing a home base while traveling.  Location, price, access to transportation and so on. When exploring the Venato in Northern Italy, one of best options to consider is Padova also known as Padua.  It is a characteristic city to call home temporarily and is a perfect jumping off point to explore many other great Italian cities.

Padova is often lost among the many great tourist sights of Italy.  It is become an underrated gem and staying here gives visitors a chance to explore.  It is a vibrant city and home to the oldest university in Italy. The compact city center is home to inviting promenades and grand buildings such as the Basilica di Sant Antonio.  The Prato Della Valle is one of the largest and most photogenic squares in Italy and is often the host for seasonal events.

The most in demand tourist attraction in the city is Cappella degli Scrovegni.  The rather ordinary exterior is in stark contrast to what lies inside. The entire interior is adorned with frescos by the famous Giotto.  Dating back the the 1300’s, the frescoes are slowly deteriorating and therefore the chapel is monitored by an atmospheric system. Reservations must be made in advance and small groups are ushered in every 15 minutes to tour the building.    

After taking in the sights of Padova you will want to venture out and the city is perfect for exploring the Veneto region.  It lies on the main train line between Milan and Venice with the island city of dreams only 30 minutes away. It makes day tripping to Venice incredibly easy.  In addition there is Verona, Vicenza, Bologna, and the Dolomites are all within day tripping distance.

Cost is another advantage for staying in Padova.  The budget conscience will love saving money over staying in Venice.  You may even decide the stay in Venice for a night or two and then move over the Padova to explore the rest of the Veneto region.  

Being a little off the tourist map also allows you to experience more of a traditional Italian city without being bombarded by tourist traps.  There is more of a local feel that you will find in the tourist havens of Venice and Florence. There is a nice balance of visitors enjoying the city and locals simply going about their daily lives.  Add it all up and Padova makes a nice home base for the traveler exploring this part of Italy.

Visiting Padova

Padova is centrally located on the main train lines from most major cities in Italy.  Venice is 30 minutes away, Florence is 1.5 hours away, Milan is 2 hours and Rome a shade under 3 hours.  From the train station it is about a 20 minute walk to the city center. There is also buses and a tram that runs from the station to all parts of the city.    

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