Never before has there been so many products and services devoted to making travel easier and cheaper, if you know where to look.  These are a small sampling of what is out there in terms of websites and gear to help make your travel dreams a reality.

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ITA Matrix

The ITA Matrix is the most powerful flight aggregator on the web.  Run by google, it is capable of searching some more complex flight itineraries like multi-city destinations.  


Google Flights


If your flight search is basic, Google Flights is much simpler to use than ITA Matrix and still a powerful aggregator of flights fares.  



Another powerful aggregator is has many of the bells and whistles that ITA Matrix has, but in a more user friendly format.



Flightaware is a flight tracker website and app that provides real time data about flight status as well as historical data to show if your upcoming flight has a history of being on time or late.



FlightStats is a more comprehensive tracking website than Flightaware.  If you really want to dig into tracking a flight or statistical information on an airport, FlightStats is the site for you.



A flight predictor app that can help you determine if right now is the time to buy airfare or if it historically pays to wait.





The hottest trend in Travel accommodations is staying in local people’s homes apartments, etc. and the biggest site out there is Airbnb.  Not only can it be cheaper than staying in a hotel, it provides you with a more authentic experience.

* Click this link for $35 off your first stay when signing up.   




The travel brand owns several other well known sites such as, Hotwire, Orbitz, Travelocity, HomeAway and more.  If you book hotels through a third party site, there is a good chance you are using an Expedia brand.




With a little bit of research, the name your own price tool on Priceline can be a very valuable weapon in obtaining a lower price.  Go to first where they show winning bids to give you a leg up.



For those on a budget staying in a Hostel can often be the difference between being able to take a trip and not being able to afford a trip.  It also is a great way of meeting fellow travelers as they are much more social places than hotels.  Hostelworld is the biggest site devoted to finding Hostels.

Travel Gear


Pro Packing Cubes *


Packing cubes make life on the road so much easier.  Instead of unpacking your entire luggage in search of one item, only to completely repack everything before you leave, packing cubes keep you organized and allow you to only unpack the things you need right now.  

Packing cubes from in a variety of sizes and colors so you can mix and match to fit your needs.


GoToob Travel Bottles for liquids *


These are great for storing your liquids in and getting them through TSA and carry them on.  They are durable silicone that are long lasting and take up a minimal amount of space.


Packtowl travel towel *


Every traveler could use at least one travel towel.  They are made of a microfiber which is quick drying, super absorbent,  and easily foldable so they take a minimal amount of space.  Available in a variety of sizes from a personal take with on a hike to full size.  


Platypus Soft Water Bottle *


A reusable water bottle is a must when traveling.  Filling up at the airport and when out in about saves money on having to purchase bottled water.  What makes a softbottle great is that they take up a minimal amount of space.  When completely empty you can fold it up and put it in your pocket unlike a hard case bottle.  


Moleskin notebook *


Notebooks are companions to write down your thoughts and read later to reminisce about a trip.  Moleskin notebooks are compact and durable.


Money Clip *


One of the biggest problems overseas is pickpocketing.  While some are big believers in money belts, a simple money clip or front pocket wallet is a great alternative when only needing to carry a couple of credit cards and some cash.



Sony Rx100 camera *


For those looking for an upgrade over their phone camera, the Sony Rx 100 is the best point and shoot camera out there to preserve those memories.  Compact while still taking professional quality pictures.


Nikon D3300 DSLR *


If you want to step up your photo game, A DSLR is the way to go.  The Nikon D3300 is a great entry level DSLR.  For the serious photog choose the Nikon D750.


Gorilla Pod *


A Gorilla Pod is a perfect compact tripod that is flexible so it can wrap around poles as well as holding the camera like a traditional tripod.  There are different options available for point and shoot cameras vs sturdier versions for DSLR’s.


Compact Battery Charger *


In today’s wired world one of the biggest commodities is battery life.  They are compact and cheap so having an external battery to charge a phone is really a no brainer.    


Seagate External hard drive *


Most travel involves taking a lot of pictures.  One of the biggest concerns is having a place to store them while traveling.  Luckily today you can store a lot of files on a small external hard drive.  Now you don’t have to worry about losing a photo memory card along with all those memories.  Back them up to a portable hard drive.   


Kindle paperwhite *


For the readers out there a Kindle is a must.  Gone are the days of lugging around heavy books.  You can now store thousands of books on one device.  


Belkin mini surge plus mini travel charger *


Most hotel rooms do not have enough outlets to charge all the devices you need.  A mini travel charger is small and allows you to plug in multiple electronic items into one outlet.


Global Power Adapter *

For any International traveler a global adaptor is a must.  With one adaptor you can now charge your devices in virtually anyplace on earth.