How To Save Big On Your Next Visit To Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

A trip to Disneyland Paris can get expensive quickly. There are many ways to save though as promotional offers are more abundant than with other Disney Parks around the world. With a few tricks you can easily save hundreds on everything from hotels to tickets and more. Once you have decided to visit, here are some tips that can save you big on your next visit to Disneyland Paris.


The easiest way to save money on your room is to remember one thing; stay offsite.  The resorts at Disneyland Paris are overpriced for what they offer and are frequently more expensive than a hotel in central Paris.  You are paying a premium for convenience to the parks.  If you do decide to stay on site, be sure to check out the offers page to get the best rate.  Staying onsite does include perks such as extra magic hours (when only hotel guests are allowed into the park.)

However staying offsite is the best budget option.  If you are only spending one day at Disneyland, you can simply take the train from your Paris hotel.  It will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour by the RER A train and drops you off right at the entrance.  If you are visiting for multiple days or would like to not spend an hour each way on transportation you can stay in Val d’Europe, a cozy little town next to Disneyland Paris.  Hipark Design Suites Serris Val d’Europe is the closest hotel if you want to walk at about 20 minutes.  I recommend staying at  Hôtel l’Élysée Val d’Europe if you prefer to not take the train.  It is located conveniently only one stop from Disneyland Paris on the RER.  You can get rates below $70 a night during off season if you sign up for email offers.  Even during busier times rates rarely go much above $125 per night.

Val d’Europe is only one stop from Disneyland Paris on the RER (left) or you may choose to walk (on the right) Courtesy Google maps

Another option for accommodations is Airbnb or other home sharing option.  You can save money and get a more authentic experience this way.  If you are new to Airbnb, you can save on your first stay by signing up using this link.


If coming from Charles De Galle Airport, the TGV is only a 10 minute journey by train.  It is cheaper and quicker than by the VEA bus (similar to Disney World’s Magical Express, but you have to pay.)  If you are using the Eurostar from London, be sure to book your tickets at least 30 days in advance as ticket prices go up the closer you get to the departure date.  The Eurostar stops at Disneyland Paris.

If you are really being budget conscience, it is sometimes cheaper to use the RER from either the airport or Eurostar.  What you save in money you lose in time as it will add at least another 45 minutes to your travel.  If you choose this option get off at Gare Du Nord and take the RER to Disneyland Paris.


Paris was the first Disney park to use dynamic or variable pricing.  Depending when you go, the price fluctuates based on predicated crowd levels.  In addition to lower crowds you can enjoy Disneyland Paris for a lower cost when visiting during the off season.  Book your tickets online and in advance to secure the best rate.

With some planning and math you can enjoy the parks at a discounted rate.  Weekdays in the offseason are significantly lower than weekends and peak season.  You also need to determine if you want to visit Disneyland Pais and the Walt Disney Studios Park or only visit one park.  Multi-day tickets include both parks.  If you have only one day, it would probably be best to only visit Disneyland.

At the top of the website next to the search box, you can change the country and possibly save on ticket packages.

It also is beneficial to check the website in multiple countries.  Use Google Chrome as your browser to translate if needed.  As you will notice below the screenshots are listed in British Pounds.  When this post went up, It was cheaper for a U.S. resident to use the U.K. website and pay in Pounds than use the U.S. website and pay in dollars.  For example below a 1 day 1 park mini ticket is £36, which comes out to $45.  The U.S. website lists the same ticket for $53.  Be sure to pay using a credit card with zero foreign transaction fees as this would qualify as a foreign purchase.  This trick is not always valid as currency’s fluctuate constantly, so be sure to use a currency converter before purchasing.

Note: Using the UK website, all prices are in Pounds


If you are going on multiple days you can do the math and figure out if you should buy multiple 1 day tickets, a multi day ticket, or an annual pass.  For example if you are going on what qualifies as a mini day, you should buy 2 mini day tickets instead of 1 multi day ticket.  If you spending 3 days or more at the resort, you should look at purchasing an annual pass.  Currently a 3 a day ticket is roughly the same price as the cheapest annual pass.  Once you factor in food and merchandise discounts, the annual pass becomes the better bargain.

Note: Using the UK website, all prices are in Pounds


Like all theme parks, Disneyland Paris food is overpriced.  The quality is also not particularly good considering you are in a a great food city.  To save money be sure to bring snacks and water with you.  Bringing a bottle of water with you and fill it up at the various drinking fountains located throughout the park. If you do need to buy onsite, be sure to purchase them outside the park.  The convenience store in the train station is cheaper than inside the park for things like snacks and water.

Adjacent to the parks is Disney Village and a great place to grab a bite to eat on a budget.  There is an Earl of Sandwich and Five Guys that will probably be a better quality meal at a fraction of the cost compared to inside the theme parks.  No it’s not French cuisine, but neither is a meal inside the parks.



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