The Many Ways To Experience Victoria Harbour

Perhaps the best harmony of natural and manmade beauty occurs in Hong Kong.  The instantly recognizable Victoria Harbour is a stunning sight and alone makes any trip to Hong Kong worth it.  The harbour takes on a variety of looks and you will want to see it in as many ways as possible.  Whether at ground level or from above, seeing Victoria Harbour should be a top priority.  Here are some of the top ways to experience the amazing Hong Kong skyline.

From Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon Island)

Looking out to towards Hong Kong Island from Kowloon is the most popular and interesting view.  Hong Kong Island has the more dynamic skyline and the mountains behind provide an iconic backdrop.  The Avenue of the Stars promenade offers photo opportunities of the Harbor and with status of famous stars including Bruce Lee.  A nearby observation platform in front of the clock tower is another popular place to take in the view for free.

From Wan Chai (Hong Kong Island)

It may not be as popular, but viewing Kowloon from Hong Kong Island offers great views as well.  The Central Pier is the number one spot to take pictures.  Along the Wan Chai waterfront sits Golden Bauhinia Square where the handover ceremony took place between Great Britain and China.

Star Ferry or Harbour Tour

What better way to experience the harbour than by the mode of transportation that made it so valuable.  While the metro will whisk you underground much fast between the two main islands, taking the Star Ferry is the best way to travel.  Popular among locals and tourists alike, over 26 million passengers a year take the Star Ferry to travel between the various islands of Hong Kong. 

There are also many tourist harbour tours. Everything from a day, dinner, sunset, and evening  tours at a variety of price points offer visitors an extended look at seeing both sides of the impressive Hong Kong Skyline.  Among the most popular tours employ authentic Chinese junk fishing ships. 

 Victoria Peak

The most beautiful shots of the Harbour are usually taken from the top of Victoria Peak.  Rising over 1,800 feet above the city, Victoria Peak is a popular must do when visiting Hong Kong.  You can walk all the way up, but the preferred method of arrival is the historic Peak Tram that carries over 4 million passengers a year. 

Symphony of Lights

Taking advantage of the skyline, Hong Kong puts on a nightly light show choreographed to music.  While a little underwhelming of a show, perhaps it is because it is almost impossible to top the skyline itself.

From a Skyscraper

Whether taking in the view from a hotel room, rooftop bar, workplace office building, or visitor observatory,  it’s hard to concentrate on anything else with the outside view.  The Sky100 Observation deck has quickly become one of the most popular options for tourists. 

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