Museum Hopping In London


London is a cultural powerhouse and no where is that more evident than in its museums.  Some of the best museums in the world reside here and cover a wide variety of categories including art, artifacts, science, history, and more.  The best part if most of them are free.  This is a great budget tip for those looking to save on an otherwise expensive London trip.  There are plenty of treasures to be found in the top London museums.  Here is a sampling of the many museums you can discover in London.

British Museum

The United Kingdom’s oldest and largest museum has one of the best collections in the world.  Ironically many of its most important pieces are not British at all.  When Britain ruled much of the world, it gathered famous artifacts from all over.  The British Museum has extensive collections from ancient Greece,  Rome, China, India, and Egypt.  It is also home to the Rosetta Stone.  If you see one museum in London, this is the one to see.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery anchors Trafalgar Square.  This is the place to go for classic art lovers.  It covers the period of around 1250 to 1900.  Works by Van Gogh,  Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir and Leonardo Da Vinci to name a few. 

Tate Modern

For the modern art lover, the Tate Modern is the place for you.  Dali, Picasso, Warhol highlight the impressive collection.  Perhaps the biggest star is the building itself.  Formally a large power station, the massive turbine hall is a sight to see in itself.  The location along the Thames sits near the Globe Theater and across from St. Paul’s. 

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Dedicated to the world of decorative art and design, the Victoria and Albert takes you on a journey of human creativity through the ages.  Categories include fashion, photography, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, furniture, and art.  This is perhaps the most fascinating museum in London.      

Royal Museums Greenwich

The national Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Queens House, and Peter Harrison Planetarium form the Royal Museums Greenwich.  Located in Greenwich, the combined museums make for a great day out fro central London.  Among the things you can see and do is put your feet in both hemisphere’s at the Prime Meridian, see groundbreaking time pieces used at sea, take a look at Admiral Nelson’s uniform,  and take in  a number of other maritime artifacts.

Natural History Museum

A massive collection of animal, plant, rock, and mineral specimens call the Natural History Museum home.  See the skeleton of a Dinosaur, or a whale model.  This is a must for anyone interested in nature.


Museum of London

One of the most underrated museums in London for sure.  Take a tour through the history of this dynamic city.  What a history it has had.  From Rome to Norman invaders, battling civil war, plague, fire, and German bombs.  It has it all.  You can take a walk through Victorian Era streets and see famous London artifacts.  To truly appreciate this cities history, this is a must see.   

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